Robin Lowe

Portrait/Documentary Photographer

Robin Lowe is a photographer and artist based in Melbourne. As a student, he studied under the seminal Australian photographer Carol Jerrems, after which he pursued a career and artistic practice in photography. He developed a diverse portfolio of work that included advertising, portraiture, and architectural assignments as he continued to refine his experiments with black and white and colour darkroom techniques. Robin's vision is eclectic and responsive to light and form. He travels frequently and allows his interest in art, architecture, and alternative processes to guide his artistic projects across both digital and film mediums.

Robin's editorial assignments have been published in print across books and magazines. In addition, his artwork is held in private collections internationally. In 2019 he won the coveted Lorenzo IL Magnifico award at The Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design.

"With camera in hand, I enjoy the magic a fleeting moment can bring. That being a spontaneous but also considered approach, always exploring new skills, techniques, and being influenced by the surrounding environment. The Leica SL2's incredible dynamic range and 47MP with built-in image stabiliser has brought a new dimension to the way one can capture a situation.”