Knox Bertie

Portrait/Documentary Photographer

Knox Bertie is a photographer, living and working in Sydney. Knox’s work focuses on the relationship between people and the urban environment. Often a study of light and dark and mostly in black and white, his work presents a look into the day-to-day lives of his fellow Sydneysiders as they find quiet moments of self-reflection during their daily routine. Knox has described his photography as a way of staying awake and seeing the world around him. His photos are often as much a self-reflection of the way he sees the world around them, as they are a document of reality.

Knox employs a number of different techniques to achieve the look that he creates and spends much of his time printing in his darkroom at home. A self-described luddite, he still uses his 1931 Leica III as his main film camera but has recently started using a Leica Q2 Monochrom.

Knox is currently working on an ongoing body of work called, “Anicca”. Images from this series have been exhibited at The Head On Photo Festival and Manchester Photo Festival. He will be exhibiting images from this series this year and is currently working on publishing his first book of the same title.

Knox was chosen as the Launch Ambassador for the Leica Q2 Monochrom. He is currently running workshops for Leica Akademie Australia.

Throughout my time as a photographer I have used equipment of all sorts, and early on I dreamt of using Leica gear. I now use Leica cameras exclusively because they fit with my shooting style and do everything that I need a camera to do. The quality of the glass can be seen in the darkroom when I enlarge a negative to make a print, and equally the digital files are of the highest quality that I have seen when I download on to my computer.